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Updating the Page Size in the Parameters List

With the new version of the Crystal Reports Runtime Engine there is page size limit that determines how many parameter values are in each page of values.  The default is 200 values per page or batch.

Below is an example of a report that has 2100 parameters.  The parameters are broken up into 11 pages of values.  The first page has the first 200 parameter values and as you move through the pages you get the next 200 values.



This page size can be changed in Ripplestone by updating the web.config file located in C:\Sites\Ripplestone\web.config (this is an XML file that can be updated with a text editor).

Look for a section called and add or change the line highlighted below.  In the example the value is set to 500, but this can be any value.

        "documentView" value="printlayout" />
        "EnableTextClipping" value="true" />
        "maxNumberListOfValues" value="500" />


After the config file has been changed to allow 500 values per page, there are only 5 pages of values.


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